Thursday, September 18, 2008

This breaks my heart

I am a huge defender of Wolves and Wildlife, This just breaks my heart to see this ad and to think she could be in the White House. I know we should not talk about our politics and she does not have a defending response but I felt I needed to put this on my blog, I don't know who I am voting for this election this may make up my mind. Sorry for the tirate, but this makes me very angry

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Marilynart said...

This sort of thing angers everyone of us who are wildlife lovers.I spent 45 minutes early last evening watching three deer grazing just down the road from our house. BUT, don't let this sway your vote. It is more important to me to avoid having my children ( four), grandchildren ( eight, including a special needs Down Syndrome child )and great grandchildren ( #4 due soon ) live in a free country and not under Socialism. Please think long and hard before you make that important vote.